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A key task when leading is to assemble the skills, talents, and resources of individuals and groups to solve problems and create new opportunities. A leader must manage people, information, and processes to accomplish organizational goals; a leader must make things happen, and often under conditions or timeframes that are not of their choosing.

The successful execution of these tasks requires an array of leadership skills including the diagnosis of problems, making effective decisions, influencing and motivating others, managing the diversity of our personal contacts, optimizing cross-functional teams, driving culture and change, and negotiating with others effectively, while always maintaining ethics and integrity

Course Highlights


Interactive Lectures


Assessment & Feedback


Leadership & Action Plans


Peer Learning Discussions


Case Studies


Role Plays



a) What are your strengths and weaknesses? Get insightful feedback from Columbia Business School’s 360° Survey

b) Who is the leader in Miracle on Hudson?

c) Analyze the behaviors of leaders who inspired you and who outraged you


a) Archetypes of a Leader: An Exposition

b) Decode Sully: Exemplar Leader

c) The leader as an Integrator

d) Successful Leadership: The Four Essential Elements


a) Get yourself into a powerful mindset and experiment with your own leadership style

b) Implement Four Elements of Leadership


a) Decision Making Survey

b) Speed Ventures Case Study


a) How Leaders Make Wise Decisions

b) Six Decision Making Biases that Leaders Need to Avoid

c) When to Use Intuition & When to Use Expertise


a) The Challenge Case

b) Applying the 6 Decision Making Biases Framework to your Leadership Style


a) Kidney Case Assignment

b) What do you think are the traits of a great influencer?

c) Have you or your organization made a decision that was unfair?


a) Principles of Fairness & Justice

b) Fairness Criterion

c) Influential Techniques: Ninja Persuasions


a) Put into Practice Influence Techniques

b) Analyse the Martin Luther King speech

c) 360° Self Assessment Paper


a) Make a Team Decision – Columbia CaseWorks: Grogan Airz

b) Analyze a stellar team vs an “I can’t wait for it to be over” team


a) Leading Teams: Success and Failure Factors

b) Common Mistakes that Teams Should Avoid; Leader as an Integrator

c) Collective Intelligence:

d) Design Strategies for Teams

e) 6 Strategies for High Performance Teams

f) Empowerment


a) Grogan Air – Team Process Survey

b) Evaluate Your Team Using the 6 Strategies


a) Pre-Read: Mary Kae Case Study

b) Describe Their Organization Culture


a) Culture’s Tool Box

b) Culture during a Merger

c) Types of Merger

d) 360 degree report sharing and reflection


a) Reflect on the culture of your organization. What are the artifacts, values, and assumptions that make up your organization’s culture?

b) What are 3 things you can do to strengthen the culture of your team?


a) Understand your Social Capital via the Network Assessment Questionnaire

b) Watch Video: The Power of Social Networks

c) When you think of NETWORKING, what are the first 3 thoughts that come to mind?


a) Cluster Networks

b) Social Networks: Importance for Leadership Success

c) Crafting your Network: Optimal Network Type

d) Determinants of Your Network

e) Developing your GAFA

f) Dormant Ties


Benefits to the learner

Intellectual Capital
  • Global IVY Education
  • Rigorous and experiential curriculum
  • World-renowned faculty
  • Globally Connected Classroom: Peer to Peer Learning Circles
  • Action Learning: Learning by Doing
Brand Capital
  • Certificate from EMERITUS in collaboration with Columbia
    Business School
Social Capital
  • Build new networks through peer interaction
  • Benefit from diverse class profiles
Career Capital
  • Professional Acceleration through our enriched leadership toolkit
  • Learn while you earn
  • Get noticed. Get ahead.

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